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Automotive Technician vs Aviation Maintenance Technician

Thinking about becoming an automotive technician? Take 5 minutes and discover why a career as an Aviation Maintenance Technician is a better path.

At Thrust Institute of Maintenance you’l become an aviation maintenance technician in just 12 months.

At the end of the program you’ll be ready to start work as an airframe and powerplant mechanic.

Earnings & Job Outlook

Earning between automotive technicians and aviation maintenance technicians are dramatically different.

As an aircraft mechanic you’ll receive significantly higher lifetime earnings while also receiving better benefits than most automotive technicians.

Automotive TechnicianAviation Maintenance Technician
2022 Median Pay$22.58 per hour$34.01 per hour
Job Outlook (increase in job openings)2%4%
*Data pulled from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Auto and AMT)

According to Boeing, there is a significant shortage of Aviation Maintenance Technicians.

There is demand for over 600,000 AMTs over the next 20 years. This gives you considerable job security in addition to the strong earning potential.

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What do Aviation Maintenance Technicians Do?

Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs), also known as aircraft mechanics, are professionals who ensure that aircraft are operating correctly and safely.

As an AMT, your primary responsibility is to inspect, repair, and maintain aircraft engines, systems, and structures.

This includes performing regular preventative maintenance, diagnosing complex mechanical or electronic problems, replacing faulty components, and testing aircraft systems to ensure they meet performance and safety regulations.

You’ll be able to work on a variety of aircraft, from the small Cessna 172 to the incredible Boeing 777.

Median annual earnings for aviation maintenance technician

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